G-NEWS is an IT system designed for journalists, enabling the management of text messages and multimedia and supporting the work of a radio station in the field of collecting, managing, publishing information and preparation, broadcasting and news dailies.

G-NEWS operates in web technology. Access to the application is carried out using a web browser, so it does not require installation of additional software on editorial computers. The application of the above solution makes access to information content possible from any place, provided access to the Internet, not only within the radio station. In addition, the system has been optimized for work on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets.

G-NEWS supports multimedia content and thanks to the built-in audio editor and the wide possibilities of importing and editing content from external sources, it becomes a convenient and comprehensive tool in everyday work of every editor.

G-NEWS meeting expectations, is created in close cooperation with journalists, taking into account their needs, habits and convenience which in a measurable way is preferred to their comfort and performance.

Administrative module

• Creating, editing and deleting types of organizational units (company, department, editorial office, etc.)
• Creating, editing and deleting organizational units of the selected type
• Creating, editing and deleting positions assigned to selected types of organizational units
• Authorization management depending on the type unit, organizational unit and positions
• Adding, editing and deleting system users
• Granting rights to users based on a position and an organizational unit
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Information module

• Message list
• Message preview
• Message editor
• Message management
• Additional functions of the work panel
• Full-text search engine
• Acceptance system

Cooperation module

• Data importing software, enabling automatic downloading of messages with attachments and news to the system from various sources: PAP, IAR, E-mail, RSS, FTP, Rest API
• Service Kontakt 24 support
• Automatic deletion of attachments from messages in selected catalogs
• Exporting video attachments to YouTube
• Exporting sound files to broadcast directories or FTP server in the selected format, e.g. S48.
• Integration with a website (eg WordPress)
• Export of messages to social media
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• Preview of the information log and playback of the attached sounds
• Jogging, playback of start jingling / stop jingle and primer
• Fast editing of the diary from the prompter
• Dedicated application (not web).

Sound editor

• Single-track editor based entirely on web technology
• No additional plugins installed, works in any popular browser
• Supports popular sound formats
• Popular operations and filters - silence, volume change, cutting / inserting, fade in / out
• Normalization
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