A modern, comprehensive IT system designed not only for journalists and editors, enabling management of messages and messages both text and multimedia, as well as supporting the work of radio stations in the areas of acquisition, aggregation, management, publishing information and preparation, broadcasting and news dailies.








Administrative module

• Creating, editing and deleting types of organizational units (company, department, editorial office, etc.)
• Creating, editing and deleting organizational units of the selected type
• Creating, editing and deleting positions assigned to selected types of organizational units
• Authorization management depending on the type unit, organizational unit and positions
• Adding, editing and deleting system users
• Granting rights to users based on a position and an organizational unit

Information module

• Message list
• Message preview
• Message editor
• Message management
• Additional functions of the work panel
• Full-text search engine
• Acceptance system

Integration module

• Data importing software, enabling automatic downloading of messages with attachments and news to the system from various sources: PAP, IAR, E-mail, RSS, FTP, Rest API
• Service Kontakt 24 support
• Automatic deletion of attachments from messages in selected catalogs
• Exporting video attachments to YouTube
• Exporting sound files to broadcast directories or FTP server in the selected format, e.g. S48.
• Integration with a website (eg WordPress)
• Export of messages to social media


• Two versions, depending on the needs – a light version available in the browser window and an application for Windows systems. The application, which is an integral part of the IT system G-News Newsroom, allows you to display pre-prepared news services.
• Jogging, playback of start jingling / stop jingle and primer, etc.

Audio editor module

• Single-track web-based editor
• No need to install any extra plug-ins, it is supported by all popular browsers
• Supports popular audio formats
• All required actions, in particular: silence, volume, cut/paste, fade in/out
• Normalization and compression

Graphics editor module

• Web-based graphics editor
• No need to install any extra plug-ins, it is supported by all popular web browsers
• Popular components – copy, paste, cut, crop, popular filters, drawing
• Simple and intuitive use

Audio transcription module

• Conversion of audio files into written text
• No need to install any extra software
• Supports many languages

Translation module

• Translation of news
• All popular languages
• Favourites list
• No need to install any extra software
• Supports many languages

Reader module

• News reading
• Reader simulation
• Supports popular languages

Planner module

• Expanded, easy to use planner
• Sharing entries
• Reservation of resources
• Event management
• Planning of on air duties

Communication module

• Embedded internal messenger
• Group management
• Off-line news
• Notifications

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